Collaboration with UONNABI: online and creative magazine.

But on what? A real “map” of the web populated by the most disturbing and grotesque creatures.
What creatures? Those encountered by Anita Vicenzi, author and despite herself Social Media Manager, an experience that marked her to the point of writing an Illustrated Bestiary of the Creatures of the Internet.

“It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your bubble is during yours
digital raids the algorithm will lead you to cross yours
existence with that of these legendary monsters at least once
in life. This Bestiary will help you recognize and discover them
where to find them, it will be your indispensable guide for
survival in the Land of the Internet.”

MAP by Davide Bart Salvemini

“The Paladino di Stocazzo has a very specific role on social networks as well as in life in general, which is to make everyone take it badly. The Paladin of Stocazzo indiscriminately sacrifices the most disparate causes to defend with a drawn sword, it is not known exactly which Internet Code. Basic sociologist, jurist by passion and bursar when necessary, the Paladin of Stocazzo is the aid of internet traffic, the moralizer of the internet, a charge he believes necessary to find his way in a world that too often lets himself go to easy costumes. Self proclaimed sheriff of the postal police, he never misses the chance to shit. It comes just when you forget about him on a Sunday to get fined and ruin your day with his pedantry.”

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19 Febbraio 2020